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Our “toys sourcing” service entails a comprehensive approach to locating and procuring toys from reputable manufacturers and suppliers in China. From plush toys and educational toys to outdoor toys and fidget toys, we cover a wide range of toy categories to cater to diverse client needs. Our sourcing process involves thorough supplier vetting, price negotiation, and quality control measures to guarantee the delivery of high-quality toys that align with our clients’ specifications. 

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Where Can We Source Toys?

Our toys sourcing service encompasses a global network of reputable manufacturers and suppliers, primarily concentrated in China. Leveraging our extensive industry connections and expertise, we identify and collaborate with trusted partners across various regions in China, including major toy manufacturing hubs such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Shandong provinces. By tapping into these extensive networks, we ensure access to a wide array of high-quality toys that meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Yiwu Toys Market

China Wholesale Websites

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Shantou Toys Market

China Toys Fairs

Other Chinese Platforms

How do we helped our clients source toys?

We assist our clients in sourcing toys by leveraging our extensive network of reputable manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Our process involves understanding the client’s specific requirements and preferences, conducting thorough market research, and identifying suitable suppliers capable of meeting their needs. We facilitate communication and negotiations between the client and the suppliers, ensuring transparent and efficient procurement processes. Additionally, we provide guidance and support throughout the sourcing journey, from initial inquiry to final product delivery, to ensure a seamless experience for our clients. 

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How can Maple Eye Toys assist in toy sourcing?

Maple Eye Toys leverages its extensive network of trusted manufacturers and suppliers globally to assist clients in sourcing high-quality toys. We conduct thorough market research, negotiate with suppliers, and ensure transparent communication throughout the sourcing process.

What types of toys can be sourced through Maple Eye Toys?

Maple Eye Toys can source a wide range of toys, including but not limited to plush toys, electronic toys, educational toys, outdoor toys, figurines, puzzles, and more.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for toy sourcing?

The minimum order quantity varies depending on the specific toy and supplier. We work closely with our clients to negotiate MOQs that meet their needs while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

How does Maple Eye Toys ensure the quality of sourced toys?

We collaborate with reputable manufacturers and suppliers with proven track records of producing high-quality toys. Additionally, we conduct thorough quality inspections and product testing to ensure compliance with industry standards and client requirements.

What is the typical lead time for sourcing toys?

Lead times for toy sourcing can vary depending on factors such as product complexity, quantity, and manufacturing location. We work closely with our clients to provide accurate lead time estimates based on their specific needs and timelines.

Can Maple Eye Toys assist in customizing or OEM/ODM toy orders?

Yes, Maple Eye Toys offers customization services, including OEM/ODM options, allowing clients to tailor toys to their unique specifications, such as design, materials, colors, and packaging.

Does Maple Eye Toys handle logistics and shipping for sourced toys?

Yes, Maple Eye Toys offers comprehensive logistics and shipping solutions to ensure seamless delivery of sourced toys to clients’ desired destinations worldwide.

How can I get started with toy sourcing through Maple Eye Toys?

Simply contact us to discuss your toy sourcing needs, and our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements, provide expert guidance, and facilitate the sourcing process from start to finish.

Extensive Supplier Network

Maple Eye Toys has established relationships with a vast network of trusted toy manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, ensuring access to a diverse range of high-quality products.

Streamlined Procurement Process

We handle all aspects of the sourcing process, from initial supplier identification and negotiation to order placement, production monitoring, quality control, and logistics coordination, providing clients with a hassle-free experience.

Customization Options

We offer customization services, including OEM/ODM options, allowing clients to tailor toys to their specific requirements, such as design, materials, colors, and packaging.

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