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January 6, 2021



At the moment of COVID-19, overseas buyers are unable to purchase directly from China toys markets. That can be daunting, especially for some toys import beginners. Since offline channels have been shut off, let’s switch over to online China B2B Websites. Obviously, the online wholesale websites are playing a prominent part in the international trade at this time.[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

There’s no doubt that the travel expenses to China and lots of time&energy spent are relatively high cost for some importers who are just starting their toys business. Although the long geographic distance between buyers and suppliers, the main value of China B2B websites is to provide a convenient, professional and safe channel for importers. So they are greatly helping buyers save costs, gain instant communication and easily conduct toys business. Following 5 websites are beloved by foreign traders.[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

5 China B2B Websites to Help Find Right Toys Suppliers[dt_gap height=”22″ /]

1.[dt_gap height=”18″ /] was established in 1999 and currently has developed as a world largest B2B trade site. Without exaggeration, almost every merchant knows Alibaba. It serves as an professional intermediary between the suppliers and the buyers.[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

1) MOQ & Price[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

Normally, MOQ could be as low as one carton if the product is in stock. However, a large part of Alibaba products are not in storage and request high MOQ. You need to check with the seller and confirm the real goods status.[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

When entering into the product page, you probably first look at the unit price. I assume you will be happy if seeing the low price with low MOQ. But one thing I have to remind is that usually Alibaba unit price is not correct or accurate. In other words, the price can only be a reference. Therefore, don’t place any orders or make payment before communicating with the supplier. Negotiate toys prices and order quantity with the seller first.[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

Alibaba MOQ & Price - Wholesale China B2B Websites[dt_gap height=”25″ /]2) Wholesale Supplier Type[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

Noticeably, Alibaba attaches much importance on showing the strength of suppliers. From the product page, you could easily learn all aspects of the seller, including company videos, pictures, production capacity and inspection reports, etc.[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

There are large base of manufacturers and trading companies in Nonetheless, keep in mind that it’s hard for you to distinguish the actual supplier type cause all that information is for reference only. For newcomers, I suggest you focus on product sourcing and vendor comparison instead of being stuck on supplier type.[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

Alibaba Wholesale Supplier Type - China B2B Websites[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

3) Toys Categories & Product Page[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

Click the category “Toys & Hobbies”, you would find a very wide selection. Also you can directly search toy or supplier name with management certification, price range, product certification, etc filter conditions.[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

Mostly, has extremely detailed product pages. Obviously, its purpose is to present full product&supplier information that buyers may need. For example, it contains details about product specification, pictures, company profile, packing&delivery, certificates, FAQ, etc. Additional features added in 2019, like buyer reviews and transactions history.[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

Alibaba Toys Categories[dt_gap height=”15″ /]

4) Trade Assurance[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

When it comes to payment, some beginners may worry about being scammed. In this case, Alibaba trade assurance would undoubtably be a great choice. If you don’t receive goods or there is a quality problem, you could get a refund through trade assurance. This kind of payment method, to a large extent, protect the commercial interests of buyers. One weak point of trade assurance should be its cumbersome process. But don’t worry because Alibaba also support other payment methods such as VISA, MasterCard, T/T, Online Bank Transfer, Pay Later, L/C, etc.[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

Alibaba Trade Assurance[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

2.[dt_gap height=”18″ /], a leading worldwide online wholesale website, was founded in 2004. Through the help of this e-commerce platform, Chinese small to medium-sized enterprises successfully enter the global markets.[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

1) MOQ & Price[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

Generally, the goods on are in stock and can be bought even from one piece. Nowadays, it’s kind of like a retail platform but featured with tiered price structure. The more you buy, the prices would be cheaper. Thus DHgate is a fantastic option for business newbies.[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

DHgate MOQ&Price[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

2) Wholesale Supplier Type[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

In general, most DHgate suppliers are trading companies, some are even individual sellers. They buy goods from manufacturers and put into their warehouses as stock, or they sell directly from small factories. That’s why DHgate doesn’t show much information about suppliers. It’s not advisable to place orders on the platform if you want to buy bulk. Better way is to bargain with the seller first before making payment.[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

3) Toys Categories & Product Page[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

There is a variety of toys under the category “Toys & Gifts”. DHgate has higher level of categories segmentation and lays emphasis on product itself. As for the product details, the images are clear with showing different angles. Nevertheless, we cannot see any information about the supplier from the product page.[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

DHgate Toys Categories - China Wholesale Websites[dt_gap height=”20″ /]

4) Toys Trends Analysis[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

Commonly, some newbies would get hung up on selecting what kinds of toys to buy. On, each product shows sales volume and customer reviews with nationality revealed. This could be taken as a basis of your the toys trends analysis, and thus to make wiser purchase decisions.[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

DHgate Customer Reviews - Toys Trends Analysis[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

3.[dt_gap height=”25″ /] is called “International TAOBAO” by sellers and belongs to the same Chinese company as Alibaba’s. It’s a huge retail platform who is currently selling to over 220 countries and districts.[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

1) MOQ & Price[dt_gap height=”18″ /] has no MOQ requirement and usually sells from 1 piece. It is famous for its very cheap unit price and some even lower than wholesale prices of other platforms. Though people have to wait 10-30 days shipping to their home, it still quickly attracts large number overseas buyers and becomes a main dropshipping service provider.[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

2) Wholesale Supplier Type[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

Behind AliExpress, there are great number of individual sellers and trading companies. Imagine that one big trading company is operating 10+ stores at the same time. AliExpress sellers buy large quantity goods at a very reasonable price from big factories or manufacturers who normally don’t have time to ship one by one. As a matter of fact, the sellers only earn small profit through single one product but can gain much more when the sales increase.[dt_gap height=”13″ /]

Although most sellers are trading companies, we can also see the big price advantages based on its buying system. This is why I include AliExpress into the wholesale China B2B website list. Same as, if you want to buy more than 10pcs on, kindly negotiate with the suppliers for a better price before making payment.[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

3) Toys Categories & Product Page[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

Similar with, has more detailed toys categories segmentation. Meanwhile, it assigns a priority to product displaying and few information about sellers on the product page.[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

Aliexpress Toys Categories - China B2B Websites[dt_gap height=”20″ /]

4) Toys Trends Analysis[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

Compared to DHgate, with a wider group of customers from different countries, AliExpress can definitely serve as a better tool for newcomers to analyze the toys trends.[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

Aliexpress Customer Reviews - China Wholesale Websites[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

4.[dt_gap height=”18″ /], one of the most famous Chinese B2B websites, was created in 1998. It mainly serves as a wholesale e-commerce site for overseas importers, distributors and dealers.[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

1) MOQ & Price[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

The product minimum order quantity is decided by the toys value. Higher value, then lower MOQ. It’s a platform which is suitable for buyers who has great quantity demand cause most of its products are not in stock and offer customization service. Alike with, the prices shown on product pages can only act as a reference. Contact the supplier for precise prices and MOQ.[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

Made-In-China MOQ&Price - China B2B Websites[dt_gap height=”20″ /]

2) Wholesale Supplier Type[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

Move your mouse onto the supplier name and you will see its business type. Click the option “Visit My Factory” to use 360°virtual tour to check their offices, workshops, etc. Same with, there are tons of manufacturers and trading companies. Concentrate on the service and price comparison rather than getting hung up with the supplier type.[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

Made-In-China Wholesale Business Type - China B2B Websites[dt_gap height=”20″ /]

3) Toys Categories & Product Page[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

Comparatively, the toys categories of is simple. Here’s a sourcing request function which is similar to Alibaba’s RFQ. Apart from product description and pictures, you can also find comprehensive information about the supplier on the product page.[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

Made-In-China Toys Categories - China B2B Websites[dt_gap height=”20″ /]

4) Customized Request[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

Made-In-China is a typical Chinese B2B website who provides OEM & ODM services. Big wholesale buyers often has great customization demand. It is easy to notice “Customized Request” button on the product page. After entering into the request page, you only need to fill out your requirements and then wait for the quotation of the suppliers.[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

Made-In-China Customized Request - China B2B Websites


Made-In-China Customized Request Form

Made-In-China Customized Request Form

[dt_gap height=”30″ /]5.[dt_gap height=”18″ /] was built in 1970 and has a 50-year trade history. Not only it’s an online Chinese B2B website, but also has its own trade show every year.[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

1) MOQ & Price[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

Likewise, the minimum order quantity is determined by goods value. MOQ would be lower while the value is high. Equally, the prices shown is for reference only. Communicate with the suppliers for details before placing orders.[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

GlobalSources MOQ&Price[dt_gap height=”20″ /]

2) Wholesale Supplier Type[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

To get the membership of, the suppliers need to pay a good sum of fees every year. So normally, small manufacturers and trading companies choose not to settle in. You could find lots of medium-to-large size enterprises on Due to the high standard, this platform is not a favorable option for beginners.[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

3) Toys Categories & Product Page[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

On, “Toys” is a sub-category under the category “Gift & Premiums”, which is kind of abnormal. In comparison with other platforms, the toys classification here is, to some extent, in a mess. Moreover, has very succinct product pages, which only show text information without product pictures and company photos.[dt_gap height=”25″ /]

GlobalSources Toys Categories[dt_gap height=”20″ /]

The End[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

Undoubtably, there are both pros and cons for above 5 China B2B Websites. Kindly use them according to your actual situation. I should say, in reality, few factories or manufacturers operate stores on these websites by themselves. They usually entrust trading companies, agents or individuals to help operate by means of commission system. Lean more about toys factories through this post, 10 Original Places For Toys Manufacturing In China.[dt_gap height=”18″ /]

Feel free to ask me if there is any question. Any inquires are welcomed. Kindly leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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